Youfit General Manager Returns to TV on WWE Smackdown Live on Tuesday, August 30th!

Remaining fit and solid opens up a universe of chances… counting an arrival to prime time TV in case you’re Glenn Ruth, a General Chief at the Youfit Wellbeing Club in Lantana, FL. When part of the fan-most loved Headbangers label group, Ruth – a.k.a. Thrasher – is prepared to smash the opposition at WWE ‘s Smackdown Live occasion this evening in Dallas, TX. The occasion will be broadcast live on the “USA Organize” at 8 p.m. EST.

“Having the capacity to remain physically fit for something as requesting as Smackdown is a genuine achievement,” said Thrasher. “The Headbangers are back! Smackdown Live-here we come!”

The arrival to the ring is the first for the wild, outrageous pair since 2000. Known for their high-flying shenanigans and tremendous body hammers, the Headbangers were WWE label group champions amid their prime, and were among the most-vigorously cheered wrestlers in live matches. At the point when a knee damage sidelined Thrasher, the group enjoyed a reprieve from sorted out occasions and wrestling standoffs. Today evening time’s Smackdown Live appearance will be an opportunity to recover their status as symbols in the realm of wrestling excitement.

“I’ve generally had faith in remaining solid – both rationally and physically,” said Thrasher. “Living at 110 percent vitality, quality, and enterprise is essential to me. Being a piece of the Youfit association has permitted me to keep up my athletic condition while additionally offering my wellness learning and experience to others.”

Thrasher trusts today’s match will move another era of Headbangers fans with a positive message about wellness. “An arrival to the ring following 16 years is verification that getting fit as a fiddle or remaining fit as a fiddle is a reward for having the capacity to do what you adore. We’re hoping to make every one of our fans pleased this evening.”

About Youfit Wellbeing Clubs

Youfit Wellbeing Clubs, established in 2008, is a chain of spending plan benevolent wellness focuses with more than 115 areas over, transcendently in the South and Western US. Youfit was established by Rick Berks with the point of making exercise centers with an inviting situation where everybody fits-in at a low value beginning at $10 every month. Youfit places an incredible accentuation on ecological duty. Its rec center floors are produced using Nike Crush and other reused elastic materials, and each Youfit area hones extra eco-accommodating activities. For more data, visit

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