Thirty-Seven Gardere Attorneys from Texas, Colorado Named to 2016 Super Lawyers Lists

Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP is glad to report that 36 of the Association’s Texas lawyers have been perceived on the 2016 Texas Super Legal counselors list. What’s more, Denver Accomplice Leonard M. MacPhee was named to the 2016 Colorado Super Legal counselors list.

“Super Legal advisors works industriously to make a sound, far reaching and assorted posting of legitimate lawyers,” says Gardere Seat Holland N. O’Neil. “We praise our 37 lawyers who have endeavored to be perceived as go-to legal counselors in their particular regions.”

For the third back to back year Accomplice Geoffrey H. Bracken earned extra respects as one of the Main 100 Lawyers in Houston. Mr. Bracken’s prosecution rehearse concentrates on business, development, copyright encroachment, wrongful passing and individual damage debate, especially question identified with oil and gas investigation, and in addition generation.

Gardere lawyers named to the 2016 Texas and Colorado Super Legal counselors records, and their regions of practice, include:


Check Vane – Government Relations

Kimberly A. Yelkin – Government Relations


Marshall J. Doke Jr. – Government Contracts

Craig B. Florence – Business Suit

Ronald M. Gaswirth – Business and Work

Kenneth R. Glaser – Licensed innovation

Lawrence B. Goldstein – Mergers and Acquisitions

Douglas A. Harrison – Family Law

Carrie B. Hoffman – Business and Work

Kevin L. Kelley – Land

Joyce Mazero – Establishment/Dealership

Stephen A. McCartin – Chapter 11 and Lender/Account holder Rights

Todd Murray – Securities Suit

Cynthia Brotman Nelson – Land

Keith V. Novick – Domain and Probate

Holland N. O’Neil – Chapter 11 and Lender/Account holder Rights

Alan J. Perkins – Mergers and Acquisitions

Clifford J. Risman – Land

Deirdre B. Ruckman – Chapter 11 and Bank/Indebted person Rights

Robert Sarfatis – Mergers and Acquisitions

Larry L. Schoenbrun – Mergers and Acquisitions

Kay Lyn Schwartz – Licensed innovation

Paul V. Storm – Licensed innovation Case

David H. Timmins – Protection Scope

Richard A. Tulli – Securities and Corporate Fund

Diminish S. Vogel – Protected innovation Case

Richard L. Waggoner – Mergers and Acquisitions


Leonard H. MacPhee – Establishment/Dealership


Eric A. Blumrosen – Mergers and Acquisitions

Geoffrey H. Bracken – Business Prosecution

Daniel L. Cohen – Mergers and Acquisitions

Jeffrey S. Davis – Common Prosecution: Safeguard

Craig D. Dillard – Business Prosecution

Douglas K. Eyberg – Mergers and Acquisitions

John P. Melko – Lender Indebted person Rights

Lawrence J. Pirtle – Home Arranging and Probate

Rachel Powitzky Steely – Worker Prosecution: Guard

Super Legal counselors, a division of Thomson Reuters, is a rating administration of extraordinary legal advisors in more than 70 hone ranges who have accomplished a high level of companion acknowledgment and expert accomplishment. The yearly determinations are made utilizing a protected multiphase process that incorporates a statewide study of legal counselors, an autonomous research assessment of competitors and associate audits by practice range. Every year, close to 5 percent of lawyers are assigned for this respect in each taking an interest state. The Texas Super Legal counselors rundown will be incorporated into the October 2016 issues of Texas Month to month and the Texas release of Super Legal counselors magazine. The Colorado Super Legal counselors rundown was included in the Colorado version of Super Legal counselors magazine distributed not long ago.

Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP, an Am Law 200 firm established in 1909 and one of the Southwest’s biggest full-benefit law offices, has workplaces in Austin, Dallas, Denver, Houston and Mexico City. Gardere gives lawful administrations to private and open organizations and people in the regions of corporate, vitality, ecological, money related rebuilding and redesign, monetary administrations, government issues, neighborliness, protection, licensed innovation, worldwide, work and business, suit, private value, land and assessment.

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