Coal Miner Starts New Career as a Landscape Photographer in his Late Fifties

With extremely restricted business alternatives in country south eastern Utah, Beam Sisneros Jr. put his fantasies of living under the stars and investigating all edges of the earth living as a swashbuckler on hold at an extremely youthful age and started coal mining to pay the bills to assist his family. The 1960’s and 1970’s saw and work blast in this part of the nation in light of its gigantic normal assets. Known for tremendous gulches and stunning red shake vistas, this wonderful zone of the Colorado Level is loaded with untold fortunes and has been incredible for its grand excellence as well as for its offering of bottomless normal assets.

Understanding the restricted potential in exhuming this high abandon scene for its common assets Beam saw a considerably more noteworthy potential in this cruel, yet amazing part of the planet; its pleasant excellence. “I’ve generally accepted there is an all inclusive adjust to be had amongst man and nature, and in this part of the world there has been a battle to bargain between the individuals who take a stab at preservation and those that rely on upon those same assets for survival; I trust both can figure out how to exist together in this stunning spot,” Sisneros as of late expressed, “the main issue for me is that I quite recently knew now of my life I needed to figure out how to uncover the excellence of my part of the world for everybody to appreciate.”

Sisneros grabbed a camera various years prior and has never thought back. He has now sharpened his ability in catching only the correct minute, now and again holding up for the duration of the night to get the ideal night scape shot or waking great before day break to set-up for the ideal dawn. In Sisnero’s words he says “The magnificence that the unstoppable force of life gives never stops to stun me, particularly in the most remote parts of this planet, I’m generally set for dependably catch her [Mother nature] in the most one of a kind way that I can.” Most places Sisneros photos are just open by climbing or horseback, some of the time upwards of 50 miles. Continuously progressing it’s difficult to catch Beam at his home yet his work is in plain view in different historical center, organizations, and private accumulations all through the west, or you can look at his site here

Beam established as an approach to uncover the excellence of regular scenes from the absolute most difficult to reach scenes on the planet. He has taken a great many pictures and has some in plain view in some exceptionally conspicuous areas all through the US. Beam is accessible for commission work, also his unique prints are for offer by means of his site.

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