Miami’s King Of Diamond Founder Launches Hip Hop Label

Conceived in South Carolina, Terry and his family moved to Florida for a shot at a superior life. With a dedicated mother in charge, he learned teach, sympathy, inspiration and an enthusiasm to seek after the American dream. In any case, to whom much is given, much is required, and Terry made it his life’s main goal to better people around him as he climbed the step of progress close by his committed spouse and business accomplice Mrs. Sherria Elliott.

Among his many attempts and humanitarian causes is the yearly Christmas on fifteenth Road Occasion. The main Philanthropy that exhibits an astonishing parade, city’s best nourishment, esteemed symbols and group causes with the association of neighborhood big names and unique visitors. The yearly non-benefit occasion benefits neighborhood kids through The Ark of the City Inc. a Florida part 501 c 3 association, and endeavors to convey a grin and occasion soul to each internal city tyke.

In the midst of Mr. Terry Elliott’s, Sr. numerous business endeavors is the rising mark, Supa T Records which was, established in 2015. The name itself encapsulates Terry’s life approach and sincerity, “The name speaks to me and the level on which I seek after everything in my life….On a magnificent level”. Henceforth, Supa T Records. Among an over-immersed music business, Supa T Records expects to separate itself by combining music and group, in this way making awesome and positive melodic substance while conveying sound messages. “What separates Supa T Records from different marks is our assurance to get back quality music the business with great substance individuals can truly identify with and not fantasize about.”

As family and group assumes a key part in Terry Elliott, Sr’s. main goal, Supa T Records initially marked specialists are made out of the last to be specific J-Shin, Juice Yung’n and Kidd Tori. The mark’s first generation and discharge J-Shin “You Did It, I Did It” got positive input and hardened the name and craftsman authenticity. While the mark and specialists are in a matter of seconds working diligently on new music, Mr. Terry Elliott, Sr. keeps on looking to advance the welfare of his group and move by words, as well as activities.

“Supa T Records taking off to more elevated amounts”

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