Cyberspace Teeters on Collapse

Unsettling inquiries regarding the parts sorted out wrongdoing, governments, and law authorization secretively play in controlling the web are brought up in Eileen Schuh’s new thriller, OPERATION MAXTRACKER.

This fourth book in her progressing BackTracker arrangement is a quick streaming follow-up to FIREWALLS, and proceeds with the adventure of youthful Katrina Buckhold’s battle against The Traz biker posse.

With uncanny references to genuine news features, Schuh makes in perusers a bunch of suspicion and fear, abandoning them to ponder who controls the Internet (in both the story and reality) and for what purposes? Likewise unsettling, is the unfathomable power used in mystery by those attempting to guard the internet and the country.

Surely understood for her past depictions of mental show, Schuh takes OPERATION MAXTRACKER to another level as risk, tricky and secret activities spill out of the virtual world into genuine living.

Schuh is likewise known for her astounding and fulfilling endings and OPERATION MAXTRACKER certainly conveys on that check.

About the book

Sergeant Arouse is depending on his top mystery Operation MaxTracker group to impede a surging endeavor by criminal packs to commandeer the internet and take control of the world.

The huge force of the guarded framework the group is making and the potential for its mishandle, has PC master, Katrina Buckhold, anxious. Shrug, Head of Venture Security, is evidently guarding everybody and everything, except in view of her past encounters with him, she’s not certain he’s up to that errand.

Katrina’s hardest fights, however, are not against those undermining the internet but rather against the individuals who are worried about her capacity to bring up her youngsters, and Shrug’s not assisting with that, either.

At that point unspeakable disaster strikes, stripping all fellowships to the center and exposing the staggering truths behind the privileged insights, fears and doubt.

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“I was inflexibly drawn into this dim and claustrophobic universe of compulsion, puzzling oppositions and profound doubt.” ~Gilli Allan, grant winning creator of Fly or Fall

The novel incorporates Book Club discourse addresses that investigate the social, legitimate, and moral issues addressed in the novel.

For the individuals who can’t get enough of the BackTracker characters, Schuh prompts that Sergeant Encourage’s law implementation joint efforts a noteworthy part in her other late thriller, SHADOW RIDERS.

Notwithstanding the four books in her continuous BackTracker arrangement, The Traz, Lethal Mistake, Firewalls and Operation MaxTracker (The Traz likewise arrives in a school release), Eileen Schuh is the writer of the grown-up thriller, Shadow Riders and two grown-up SciFi novellas (Schrodinger’s Feline and Impartial Falsehoods).

Conceived Eileen Fairbrother in Tofield, Alberta, Schuh now lives with her better half in the boreal woods close St. Paul in north eastern Alberta, Canada.

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