I’m fighting prejudice, says transgender man who’s four months PREGNANT… but as PAUL BRACCHI reports, not everyone in Hayden’s family is happy

The unimaginably charming young lady in a pink pixie outfit — with wand, tiara and long blonde hair — is Paige Cross, posturing sweetly in the room she imparted to her more seasoned sister.

In those days, the understudy at Tredworth Junior School in Gloucester would regularly wear her hair in a braid, had displays which reflected stunning blues eyes and a grin which lit up the room.

Paige’s upbeat, early youth was exemplified by an excursion to Butlin’s the point at which she partook in an opposition to see who could put the most Maltesers in their mouth without biting. She won, obviously.

‘We have some exquisite recollections,’ says her grandma Pam Edgeworth.

It is presently practically unthinkable for Mrs Edgeworth to take a gander at the photos of Paige as a young lady without feeling sorrowful.

Paige will soon be 21. In any case, she has changed her name by deed survey to Hayden Cross and has been living legitimately as a man for as far back as three years in the wake of beginning sexual orientation reassignment on the NHS, a procedure which has left Hayden with a more profound voice and facial hair.

It has additionally intensely separated his family and left him irritated from the individuals who adore him.

Mrs Edgeworth told the Mail powerfully: ‘She’s requesting that I call her Hayden, and I say: “I can’t, love.” In my eyes she will dependably be Paige. She was conceived a young lady. She wasn’t conceived a kid.’

As frantically tragic as this may be, it’s not the motivation behind why Hayden’s case is in the news this week, or why a television narrative group is making a film about him. All things considered, around 3,000 patients experience sexual orientation reassignment consistently.

Hayden Cross’ story is distinctive, conceivably one of a kind in England.

He is accepted to be the primary transgender man in the nation to freely report — on the front page of a red-top newspaper, no less — that he is pregnant in the wake of infusing himself with sperm from a contributor he found on Facebook.

Hayden had initially would have liked to solidify his eggs to have the capacity to have kids later.

In any case, the NHS declined to pay for it and he couldn’t manage the cost of the cost of having it done secretly. So the previous Asda laborer, who lives on benefits in a board bedsit, suspended his hormone treatment and looked for a mysterious “father” on the web.

Hayden Cross’ pregnancy has brought up significant moral issues in an effectively questionable range and is laden with restorative dangers.

He says he will continue his physical sexual orientation move, from female to male, subsequent to conceiving an offspring in the mid year, which implies he will be both the organic mother of the tyke and the father.

His family are stressed — for both Hayden and this tyke. His uncle, Sean Hodson, 41, who still can’t force himself to call his nephew ‘he’, let us know: ‘The one thing we’re terrified of is that she has the tyke, and afterward she battles to adapt.

‘That child will be naturally introduced to a dark and strange world. As I would see it, it’s quite recently not the correct approach to bring a kid into the world.’

There are other alarming concerns. Before his choice to have an infant, Hayden had been, as is standard strategy for ladies who are transitioning to men, accepting testosterone infusions.

Specialists say anybody in this circumstance should hold up to six months before imagining to enable the body to recapture its hormonal adjust.

The potential perils of not doing as such are stark; specialists say a female embryo presented to expanded levels of testosterone may create male private parts, and a male hatchling may encounter ripeness and behavioral issues later on.

Hayden fell pregnant in September. It’s not known when he halted his testosterone infusions.

What we do think about the most recent part in his life is stressing.

Sperm contributors at authorized ripeness centers are thoroughly screened for HIV and different infections and hereditary conditions. Hayden, be that as it may, does not know the name of his benefactor or anything about him.

He essentially touched base at the entryway in the wake of being reached on the web and passed Hayden ‘the sperm in a pot and I did it through a syringe’.

Hayden accuses the NHS, which is financing his move (the treatment costs, all things considered, £29,000 per quiet) for not finding a further £4,000 to solidify his eggs and constraining him to depend on such intense measures.

Everybody who knows Hayden concurs his heart is in the ideal place. All things considered, his adventure from other-worldly young lady to England’s first ‘pregnant man’ has intensely separated his family — and additionally more extensive society.

Today, he looks to some extent like the individual he used to be. Maybe a couple of the companions he went to class with would most likely remember him on the off chance that they caught him around the local area in his trademark hoodie.

Contingent upon who you address, this is either profoundly grievous or something we ought to be cheerful about for his benefit.

Hayden’s mom has shown her help for him by flying a pink lace — an image of the LBGT (Lesbian, Indiscriminate, Gay and Transgender) people group — on the front entryway of her end-of-porch home in Gloucester.

Be that as it may, others, including his maternal grandma Mrs Edgeworth and his uncle, never again have any contact with him.

They recounted their feelings of trepidation for the welfare of the infant and their conviction that the adolescent Paige’s choice to wind up plainly a man was vigorously impacted by her fellowship with a more established individual from the transgender group.

As far as concerns him, Hayden says he is resolved to raise the newborn child as a single parent in a “trans” situation, and has connected for another, greater board level to oblige the infant. ‘I will be the best father,’ he has said.

Hayden’s adolescence was a beset one. He was the second of four kids (he has a sister Sky, 21, and siblings Jordan, 19, and Robert, 16), and his dad, Desmond Cross, was a medication taker when he initially met their mom, Christine Edgeworth.

When the youngsters arrived, his dad had fallen off medications and was filling in as a candy man.

It is said that Mr Cross, who later brought up a vocation with a building upkeep firm, was most active with the children. ‘He did everything with them,’ their uncle Sean Hodson, said. ‘He took them to class, guardians’ nighttimes, lifted them up when they were sick, took them to get their glasses and to regular checkups.’

The family delighted in various occasions to ocean side resorts on the south drift, for example, Weymouth.

Hayden — or Paige as he was at that point, — imparted a room to more established kin Sky.

Be that as it may, the more youthful sister never shared Sky’s enthusiasm for dolls and would much rather play football with the young men and upheld Manchester Joined together.

‘Whatever the young men needed to do, she needed to do too,’ Mr Hodson reviewed. ‘She was dependably somewhat of a boyish girl. We don’t considered anything it.’

Who, in all genuineness, would have done? Numerous young ladies carry on in the very same way.

A ‘lively, dynamic, ordinary child’, is the way Mr Hodson recollects Paige, the name both he and Mrs Edgeworth — who consented to be met with Mr Hodson at his Gloucester home — keep on using. They brought up that, as different young ladies her age, she had beaus. Matured 13, they stated, she went out with a kid on her bequest; the combine went to junior Armed force cadet courses together.

Cheerful as she was at home, Paige battled scholastically and as often as possible got into battles with different students at optional school, the all-young ladies Barnwood Stop, conduct which saw her rejected when she was 14.

This concurred with her folks part up — a separation which had an overwhelming effect.

‘Her mom couldn’t adapt after Desmond left and she in the long run brought in social administrations,’ says Mr Hodson.

The upshot was that, matured 15, Paige was set with non-permanent parents. She remove her hair and quit wearing “girly” garments.

Her change is caught in pictures on Facebook where Paige is dressed like a hoodlum rapper, wearing a combination of tracksuits, hoodies, gold chain neckbands and baseball tops by mottos, for example, ‘I Am what I Am. In the event that you don’t care for me, turn your head and leave. Basic as that.’

It is important, in any case, that when shorn of her womanliness, despite everything she had an association with a kid — a contact which started when she was 16 and would keep going for around year and a half. In the blink of an eye a while later, she met Shane Expectation, a key figure in this show. ‘Shane’s mum lives on a domain close us,’ said Mr Hodson.

‘Paige met him when she was remaining at our own. Shane is transgender too.

‘At around the time she met him, Paige began wearing a chest fastener [compression underpants utilized by transitioning men to smooth their breasts.]

‘Here and there we think about that whether conditions had been distinctive Paige would be settled down [with a boyfriend] and have a few children at this point.’

Mr Expectation, 26, who was conceived Sandra Clair Expectation in Dagenham, East London, turned into Paige’s closest companion and friend. Via web-based networking media, there is a photo of both of them inscribed: ‘Observe Pride.’

It was Shane Expectation who requested the deed survey shapes for Paige to lawfully change her name to Hayden Cross three years prior.

At that point he started accepting sex change advising at a nearby center keep running by the 2gether NHS Establishment Trust before beginning hormone treatment.

At this stage, Hayden had no plans to wind up plainly pregnant. On the off chance that the NHS hadn’t declined to solidify his eggs, he says: ‘I wouldn’t have had children until the point when I was no less than 25.’

The choice drove him down an irritating street.

Following an adjustment in the law, all kids considered because of sperm gift after April 1, 2005, have the privilege to know the character of their dad when they turn 18.

This has prompted an endless deficiency of contributor sperm at authorized centers and a surge in the quantity of unregulated sperm giver benefits on the web.

One Facebook giver bunch has 7,500 UK individuals. Potential benefactors are told: ‘There is no sex included — you simply fill a pot and hand it over.’

The dangers are self-evident. The Human Treatment and Embryology Expert says that, wellbeing dangers aside, one other outcome of Hayden’s choice to utilize such an “administration” is that there is no chance to get of telling who else the

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