‘I thought he was going to come back and kill me’: The horrific injuries of a jogger forced to ‘play dead’ after a kangaroo viciously attacked her on a morning run

A lady has opened up about the unnerving minute she was violently assaulted by a kangaroo amid her initial morning run.

Debbie Urquhart was running along the Candlebark running track – only 500 meters from her Templestowe home in Melbourne’s north-east – when she was over and again kicked by the two-meter tall marsupial.

The 54-year-old said she had no other alternative however to play dead in a urgent endeavor to stop the awful assault after she was tossed ‘around like a cloth doll’ around 6am on Saturday.

‘He tore me to pieces,’ Ms Urquhart disclosed to Manningham Pioneer.

‘I was attempting to slither away. He abandoned me for a bit and I thought he would return and murder me.’

Canvassed in bloodied scratch denotes, the panicked lady run back to her family home after she figured out how to escape when the kangaroo fled.

Her significant other, Robert, hurried her to the crisis office at Austin Doctor’s facility in Melbourne’s north where she experienced surgery.

She got up to 35 join in her arm, shoulder and rump after she experienced extreme injuries the assault.

The fitness coach said she has been left damaged from the assault yet was resolved to recuperate from the trial.

‘Each time I close my eyes its truly striking, it’s appalling,’ she said.

She has since been discharged from doctor’s facility and could walk again by Sunday evening.

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