Disability support worker accused of beating a mute autistic boy and calling him a f***ing c*** when he refused to eat

An incapacity bolster specialist has been blamed for beating a quiet mentally unbalanced kid and calling him a ‘f***ing c***’ when he declined to eat.

The asserted manhandle was revealed when the incapacitated kid’s folks became suspicious and covered a recording device in his pack.

FaCS handicap bolster laborer Lennard Michael Downes, 35, was heard over and over calling the kid a ‘f***ing c***’ and debilitating to hit him on the off chance that he didn’t eat, a court has listened.

Slapping, slamming and hitting sounds were likewise heard on the copying, as per The Sydney Morning Messenger.

The recordings were taken over a two-day time frame in November a year ago at an administration run mind focus at waterfront Illawarra, south of Sydney.

After finding the irritating sound, the kid’s folks quickly announced it to police and supervisors at the incapacity mind home.

The seriously rationally incapacitated kid was additionally allegedly heard crying, yowling and heaving for air.

The sounds were portrayed in court reports as Downs physically assaulting the kid.

The kid’s mom said her child come back from the rest mind with a blemish all over, underneath his mouth, which later formed into an extensive wound.

She additionally said he declined to eat, and significantly shed pounds.

At the point when a pediatric expert surveyed the kid’s wounds it was resolved they were ‘predictable with the casualty’s jaw being constrained open and additionally shut’.

Downes was captured on December 22, accused of attack occasioning real damage.

He showed up in court on Thursday, where he demonstrated he would protect the charges.

Downes was discharged on strict safeguard conditions which incorporated no unsupervised contact with youngsters.

He contended against the condition, however police prosecutor Sergeant Paul Upsall restricted the variety.

‘The real conditions claimed are shocking,’ he said.

Justice Michael Stoddart concurred with the police prosecutor and declined the proposed safeguard variety.

Downs is because of profit to court for Walk 15.

The disrespected handicap bolster specialist has been suspended from his employment yet keeps on being ponied up all required funds.

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