A grave mix up: Seven people buried in the wrong plots at a veterans’ cemetery in Rhode Island

Seven individuals were covered in the wrong graves at a veterans’ graveyard since grave markers in one column were off by an entombment plot.

Veterans Undertakings Executive Kasim Yarn apologized on Monday for the grave mistake.

‘We perceive our graveyard is holy ground, and we didn’t meet our commitment to our veterans, their friends and family who are covered here or the families and the veterans who keep on coming to our burial ground to offer their regards,’ he said at his office in Warwick.

Rhode Island Veterans Remembrance Burial ground specialists left two spaces rather than one to exchange the remaining parts of a veteran’s dad in November 2010.

The additional space wasn’t represented when perpetual grave markers were included that spring. Thusly, 21 grave markers were off.

Seven interments happened in that column since 2010, bringing about those graveyard vaults being covered in the adjoining plots.

The dead individuals and the markers were moved this previous end of the week. Families are being reached.

Yarn said he was alarmed to the issue on Thursday, after the grounds team at the Exeter graveyard found the issue as it arranged for an internment in the line that day.

Yarn said there wasn’t a formalized procedure to anticipate botches this way and he’s tending to that. Among the progressions, when somebody covers a vault, a moment burial ground laborer will confirm that it’s effectively put.

Yarn said he trusts the misstep was a disconnected occurrence, and he said no staff individuals are being taught.

The burial ground’s overseer assumed control in November. More than 34,000 individuals are covered at the graveyard, with around 1,200 interments happening every year.

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