Two arrested after dozens of heavily armed police swoop on Sydney home that was targeted in a terror raid

Two men have been captured amid a weapon wrongdoing attack by intensely furnished police in northern Sydney overnight.

A 22-year-old man was captured at a home in Gatekeeper Road, Beaumont Slopes, after a handgun was found inside the property.

Another man, matured 20, was captured after he drove up to the property amid the assault and was found to have a blade in his vehicle.

A similar house was already focused by against dread police amid the Operation Appleby attacks, the biggest counter-fear test in Australian history at the time.

Neighbors advised 7 News that up to 60 officers wearing projectile confirmation vests and furnished with automatic weapons spent the vast majority of the night looking through the home.

Those living close-by were widely addressed while officers additionally sought autos stopped outside the homes and evacuated a few things.

The officers were conveyed by Operation Claw, a long-running operation set up to target firearm wrongdoing around Sydney.

Operation Claw Forward Administrator, Acting Director Chris Nicholson, said the previous evening’s action was a piece of an on-going system focusing on weapon related brutality.

He stated: ‘We will proceed with these types of engagement in the coming days and weeks to guarantee the security and consolation of the group.’

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