SIX Patriots players are now planning to boycott Super Bowl visit to Trump’s White House

Six New Britain Loyalists have said they won’t meet President Donald Trump in the White House for a customary Super Bowl triumph visit.

Protective end Chris Long, running back LeGarrette Blount, linebacker Dont’a Hightower and guarded handle Alan Branch pledged to blacklist the custom.

They take after guarded back Devin McCourty and tight end Martellus Bennett who declined the president’s welcome before.

Blount said on the Rich Eisen Show: ‘I won’t be heading off to the White House. I don’t feel welcome in that house. I’ll abandon it at that.’

Nonetheless, Branch isn’t stating “no” for political reasons. He as of now went to the White House in 2014 and said he would like to ‘hang out with the family’ concurring to├é┬áSporting News.

Veteran protective lineman Chris Since quite a while ago proclaimed on Thursday he won’t visit Donald Trump in the White House.

Long, the child of Fox Games host and Lobby of Famer Howie Since a long time ago, topped off his initially season with the Nationalists with Sunday’s Super Bowl win.

The 31-year-old reported he won’t be going to on Twitter, in light of an open letter from Throw Modiano of the New York Day by day News.

‘Goodness Toss. Moved toward skipping, hadn’t been inquired. Needn’t bother with an open letter disclosing my own particular words to me. Not *joining* anybody. My call,’ Long composed.

Later on Thursday, running back LeGarrette Blount turn into the fifth individual from the group to state they would not be going by Trump’s White House.

Long’s remarks come after kindred guarded player Dont’a Hightower reported Wednesday he was joining two different colleagues in not going to the White House.

Amid an appearance on ESPN’s Sportscenter, Hightower – a two-time Super Bowl champion – said he had just ‘been there, done that’, in reference to the presidential meet and welcome.

This won’t be the first run through he’s declining a trek to the White House, as Hightower noted he turned out poorly the customary excursion when the Nationalists won the Super Bowl in 2014.

In any case, he visited President Obama while he was an individual from the College of Alabama group to win the school football title.

The choice in the matter of why Hightower isn’t going is however not the same as his colleagues Martellus Bennett and Devin McCourty – who particularly would prefer not to meet Trump.

Bennett, a tight end for New Britain, was the main player to state he was quitting the celebratory trek in view of reasons of not supporting the previous unscripted tv have.

Before Sunday night’s amusement the Dallas Morning News inquired as to whether he would go to, and Bennett reacted: ‘In all likelihood no, in light of the fact that I don’t bolster the person that is in the house.’

He included he wasn’t stressed over what group proprietor Robert Kraft may think, as the President of the Kraft bunch is a Trump supporter.

Bennett affirmed after the diversion to the paper that he would not be going.

McCourty’s thinking for not going is that he said he doesn’t ‘feel acknowledged in the White House.’

‘I’m not heading off to the White House,’ McCourty, 29, read a clock magazine.

‘The president having such a large number of solid sentiments and partialities, I trust certain individuals may feel acknowledged there while others won’t.’

Both McCourty and Bennett stood out as truly newsworthy in September when they raised their firsts high toward the finish of the national hymn keeping in mind the end goal to ‘begin the discussion’ about social shamefulness.

Running back James White and linebacker Ransack Ninkovich have likewise said they are uncertain on the off chance that they’ll go to the White House.

The Loyalists ended up noticeably connected with Trump all through the battle, beginning from when Tom Brady showed a ‘Make America Awesome Once more’ cap in his locker. Brady additionally said in 2015 he needed Trump to win, telling journalists: ‘I trust so. That would be extraordinary. There’d be a putting green on the White House grass, I’m certain of that.’

Brady at that point declined to discuss Trump since the race, and dismissed inquiries regarding him amid the Super Bowl media week.

In any case, the star quarterback himself has a history with not going to the White House, as he censured President Obama in April 2015.

Brady said he couldn’t go on account of a ‘family duty’, however on the day his partners went to Obama he was apparently at New Britain’s stadium in Foxboro. The following day, he went to the Apple Store in New York.

Mentor Bill Belichick likewise composed a letter to Trump amid the decision crusade, adulating his ‘authority’.

At the time, Trump instantly advanced the letter as an indication of his ubiquity.

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