EXCLUSIVE: Teen who went missing from the MGM Grand Hotel ‘was NOT kidnapped’ and there is ‘no evidence any sex trafficking crime occurred,’ say police in Las Vegas and her hometown of Logan, Utah

Missing Utah adolescent Sarah Dunsey ‘was not captured’ and there is ‘no confirmation any wrongdoing has happened’ in Las Vegas, police have uncovered to DailyMail.com.

The 17-year-old is likewise said to have left the MGM Fantastic lodging with two men “energetically” and without setting up any kind of battle.

Further, sources at the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Office said they were not informed in regards to the case until January 30 – an entire two weeks after the secondary school understudy vanished.

Dailymail.com has likewise discovered that a missing people report was recorded to police the day after the youngster’s claimed abducting not by her mom in St. George, as it was accepted, however in Logan, where Sarah lives with her dad Michael, 40, and his significant other Terri, 39.

Skipper Curtis Hooley of the Logan Police Division disclosed to DailyMail.com that Sarah was accounted for missing on January 16. Be that as it may, she was because of profit to Logan for January 3 after an occasion a visit to her mom’s home in St. George.

‘It is hazy why Sarah’s folks did not examine her whereabouts between January 3 and January 16. Commander Hooley disclosed to DailyMail.com that he is “uncertain” of the glow of the connection between the two.

Advance request made in Logan uncovered that Sarah had invested energy with her mom in St. George before flying out to Las Vegas with ‘a male associate’ close by January 14.

On January 15, Sarah went by the club at the MGM Stupendous and, as per Logan police who addressed her male companion, she was seen by her companion leaving with two others.

Proceeded whether the adolescent had all the earmarks of being setting up a battle or unwilling, Skipper Hooley stated: ‘She cleared out with several different guys. She didn’t have all the earmarks of being battling. She didn’t appear to be unwilling by any means’.

Officer Michael Rodriguez, of the Las Vegas Police Division, stated: ‘Her mom disclosed to us that she was taken by sex traffickers. We observed that not to be valid.’

He included: ‘There was no hijack. She was not hijacked in Las Vegas and to the extent we are worried, there is no proof that any wrongdoing has happened.

‘Because somebody claims they were grabbed, it doesn’t really imply that it’s valid. We didn’t find that she was [kidnapped], in spite of the fact that despite everything it could be valid.’

Officer Rodriguez confirmed that Sarah had been seen at the MGM Excellent ‘with three companions’ yet said the police office had been not able audit security film from the MGM Great due to the hole between Sarah’s visit to Vegas and their receipt of a missing individual’s report.

As per a timetable sorted out by police:

*Sarah had gone through Christmas with her mom in St. George, Utah and was because of come back to her dad in Logan, Utah on January 3.

*Sarah set out to Las Vegas, close by January 14, and was most recently seen at the MGM Stupendous on January 15.

*Her father revealed her missing at Logan Police Division on January 16.

*The last individual to see Sarah before last Friday was a ‘male colleague’ whom she met in St George, Utah. It was with this man she ventured out to Las Vegas – and it was he who told cops he had seen the adolescent leaving the MGM Terrific with two other men.

*It is indistinct why Sarah’s folks did not examine her whereabouts between January 3 and January 16.

*Sarah was found in Venice Shoreline, California on February 8.

As indicated by the officer, security film taken at the inn is consequently erased following two weeks unless there is cause for concern.

Stan Chmielewski, a security manager at the MGM Great, affirmed this to be the situation and disclosed to  DailyMail.com that recording is dumped following two weeks unless there is a particular police ask.

Sarah, who was until a year ago an understudy at Snow Ravine Secondary School in St. George, Utah, vanished in Las Vegas on January 15 and was said by her mom Amie Ellis, 36, to have been taken by sex traffickers.

Her family say they mounted an examination concerning her vanishing alone and without opening up to the world for expect that media reports may tip the charged posse off to the pursuit.

As indicated by her stepfather Todd Ellis, 49, a ‘Great Samaritan’ at first assisted with tips that drove them to addresses in Las Vegas and San Diego, California.

Be that as it may, in the wake of neglecting to find Sarah, they propelled an online networking bid on February 5 which turned into a web sensation after Ellis discharged a passionate video arguing for the high schooler’s sheltered profit for Valentine’s Day.

After three days, Sarah was found in a loft in Venice Shoreline, California, in the organization of two men whose names have not been discharged.

As indicated by Todd, both were captured however one of the match has since been discharged.

Sarah was then taken to the UCLA Medicinal Center in Los Angeles and subjected to a battery of tests, including for assault and rape, before being brought together with her family at 6am on Saturday morning.

A short time later, the youngster was driven back to St George, Utah, where she was brought together with her six kin and step kin at the home of her mom and stepfather.

A video of the gathering was discharged on the Assistance Us Discover Sarah Dunsey Facebook page, joined by the subtitle: ‘Kin adore. It was a passionate get-together the previous evening!’

Recently, Todd disclosed to DailyMail.com that Sarah and her mom have now left the family home and are staying somewhere else, after the adolescent ended up plainly dreadful of being found.

Todd stated: ‘She [Sarah] got truly annoyed when it was accounted for where we live. She continued saying: ‘They’ll see me, they’ll see me’. She is truly frightened.’

The family have likewise denied reports that Sarah was a runaway and have said they now trust the FBI examination will create comes about.

Todd included: ‘Individuals have said things like, ‘she was a runaway, she intended to leave [Las Vegas]’. She didn’t. She was simply in an unlucky spot.

‘I said to her, did you never think to attempt to flee [from her captors]? Also, she stated, ‘No – you don’t get it. Everyone is associated and they watch and you must be cautious what you say, you must be watchful what you do.

‘She doesn’t recollect a considerable measure [about what happened]. She was quite open with the police however I don’t know precisely information exchanged and we don’t recognize what the charges are.

‘We now need to let them [the police] carry out their occupation.’

The FBI presently can’t seem to remark looking into it, in spite of being over and again drawn nearer by this site.

Officer Rodriguez disclosed to DailyMail.com that Sarah’s case was swung over to the FBI ‘nearly when we opened it’ since it occurred in three distinct states.

Skipper Hooley, of the Logan Police Division, says Utah officers are likewise working with the FBI looking into it and have turned over what data they have.

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