At yeast it wasn’t third place! Gymnast, 22, looks disappointed with Vegemite prize after finishing second on the vault in the World Cup Gymnastics

An acrobat seemed unmoved with her remarkable excellent prize in the wake of completing second on the vault amid the World Measure of Aerobatic.

Western Australian Emily Little, 22, took out second place on the vault at the World Measure of Acrobatic facilitated at Hisense Field in Melbourne, yet was left with a severe taste in her mouth when she was granted Vegemite.

Remaining on the platform Little can be seen holding her container of Vegemite, demonstrating no feeling in spite of completing a noteworthy second.

The blessings were expected to be a one of a kind Australian image granted to competitors putting in the main three.

Emily Little was driving the FIG Singular Mechanical assembly World Container standings on Vault before the competition and completed with an extraordinary score of 14.199 in second place.

Australian Naomi Lee completed third with a score of 13.383.

The competitors were still remunerated with awards to recognize their accomplishment.

Aerobatic Australia conveyed a tweet early this year demonstrating the extraordinarily made jugs of Vegemite for the opposition.

The World Measure of Aerobatic is right now in progress at Melbourne’s Hisense Field from February 22 to 25.

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