Office chair spin… redneck-style: Dizzying video shows garage scientist being flung around in circles powered by nitrous tanks

Another viral video is sending the web into a turn.

Two self-depicted “rednecks” have featured in an odd clasp demonstrating a Revelation Channel have being strapped to an altered office seat and spun around at wild speeds – because of a couple of Nitrous tanks.

‘Sacred s***, I’m dazed as f*** now,’ have AZN was heard saying seconds after he quit turning.

As he scowled in torment, he was heard saying: ‘I’m OK, I’m okay, I’m alright.’

Look down for video

His co-have, Farmtruck, at that point inclined in a remorsefully inquired as to whether there was anything he could do to help his amigo.

‘Instructions to I apologize to my closest companion,’ Farmtruck stated, before AZN facetiously tolled in: ‘You locate another closest companion.’

‘When I pulled that string and I pivoted and saw AZN turning, I didn’t know what I was taking a gander at,’ Farmtruck clarified.

‘I didn’t anticipate that him will be kicking here and there like he was riding on a mustang. I thought, ‘sacred poo, what have we done?’

‘I think we were hit on the finish of what AZN could hold… it resembled a natively constructed redneck axis.’

AZN attempted to clarify exactly what it had a craving for being strapped to the seat as it spun around uncontrollably.

‘I was useful for about a large portion of a moment and after that once it went full-pull, I knew I was in for a ride,’ he said.

‘I resembled, ‘how much nitrous is in these jugs… I thought it was only a tiny bit’.

‘Truly, similar to, my heart touched my ribcage and it simply halted for a moment.

The test was a piece of Road Outlaws most as of late scene on the Disclosure Channel.

Road Criminals show on Revelation Mondays at 9pm ET/PT. Disclosure’s Super RACE debuts Monday, Walk 27th at 9PM ET

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