I don’t care for macho women, says Peter Alliss: BBC golf commentator risks more fury with comments in magazine interview

Golf observer Subside Alliss has gambled rage by saying ‘ladies are more sensitive than men’.

The BBC telecaster, 86, who has already been blamed for sexism, asserted fairness is unthinkable and scolded the ‘ascent of macho ladies’.

‘Ladies will never have the capacity to do things that men can do,’ he told Newsweek.

‘On the off chance that we need to be equivalent, would you say you will get a lady battling for the heavyweight title of the world [in] boxing?

‘I don’t care to see ladies punching each other in the chest. I think it will cause unsalvageable harm.’

He focused on his remarks were about physical contrasts, including: ‘I’m not looking at being a legal advisor or a bookkeeper.’

Alliss included: ‘I think ladies are more fragile than men. I like holding seats for ladies. I couldn’t care less for macho ladies but they’re predominant today.’

Alliss, who has worked for the BBC since 1961, caused vexed amid the 2015 Open competition when he stated, as US golfer Zach Johnson arranged the triumphant putt, that his significant other was ‘most likely considering, if this goes in I get another kitchen’.

Prior that year Alliss was reprimanded for saying endeavors to give ladies level with rights in golf had ’caused commotion’.

From May, Alliss will be joined as a BBC golf have by a 34-year-old lady who crusaded for more ladies in the game.

Eilidh Barbour will assume control from Hazel Irvine, 51.

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