Saginaw Snacks, LLC Releases Two New Varieties of Beef Jerky

Saginaw Snacks, LLC reported Friday that is has authoritatively added two new flavors to its item advertising. The new assortments are Rockin’ Nectar Apple and Rockin’ Sriracha enhanced meat jerky.

Rockin’ Sriracha Meat Jerky is a hot assortment for the buyer bunch that favors a more customary style nibble. The warmth is unpretentious and a direct yet it is not overpowering and conveys a stew pepper taste. This makes it speaking to an expansive gathering of individuals that appreciate Sriracha seasoning, yet not the outrageous warmth. Sriracha is a sort of stew sauce beginning from Thailand and incorporate fixings, for example, vinegar, sugar, salt and garlic.

Rockin’ Nectar apple is another flavor available that is one of a kind to BeefJerky.Rocks! Following quite a while of culminating the flavor and surface the organization says that it is prepared for open utilization. It combines up the hamburger enhance with smoke, nectar and all regular apple seasoning. The nectar apple hamburger jerky is sweet and delicate and conveys no warmth by any means.

“We’re amped up for the new flavors that we’ve added to our item list” say Jim Sokol, Chief and proprietor of Saginaw Snacks, LLC. “With such a great amount of rivalry in the hamburger jerky market, we trust that our exceptional flavor offerings, for example, Rockin’ Nectar Apple and Sriracha set us apart for all the rest.”

The new meat jerky items are accessible on their site BeefJerky.Rocks, and are additionally accessible in different stores around New Britain.

For more data call 1-888-60-JERKY(53759)

Saginaw Snacks, LLC is headquartered in Seymour, CT and offers great gourmet snacks on the web and in retail locations including hamburger jerky, meat sticks, dried seasoned consumed closes and different snacks. Saginaw Snacks and BeefJerky.Rocks is a trademark of Saginaw Snacks, LLC in the Assembled States.

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