‘I am so sorry! I just need to think and clear my mind of all this cr**’: The letter Tennessee teacher, 50, left his wife when he ‘kidnapped his 15-year-old student and went on the run for 39 days’

The educator accused of capturing a 15-year-old understudy and fleeing with her to California left a letter for his better half the morning he vanished.

Smidgen Cummins, 50, composed a note to his significant other, Jill, 49, saying how he was sad for leaving however he would be back.

‘I am so sad!’ he composed.

‘I simply need to clear my psyche of this cr*p. I am not fleeing. I’ll be back. Try not to call police they’ll think I ran ’cause I’m liable and I’m definitely not!’

The substance of the letter was uncovered on Friday amid a Nashville court hearing where he was requested to stay in guardianship as he was esteemed a flight chance. A date for his trial has not yet been set.

The wellbeing science instructor confronts a charge of bringing minor Elizabeth Thomas crosswise over state lines for sex. He could be condemned to life in jail.

FBI specialist Utley Respectable affirmed amid the court hearing that Cummins told experts he engaged in sexual relations with the young lady most evenings amid the 38 days he was on the keep running with her.

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The educator had professedly said the sexual association with the young lady started the principal night after they vanished Walk 13.

Honorable additionally said that Cummins acquired an iPad as he needed to watch out for what was being accounted for in the media about them.

Declaration at the court hearing demonstrated that Cummins burned through $1,500 on a two-situate kayak and that he and the understudy utilized it to attempt to get to Mexico.

Cummins professedly told officers he thought he had been discovered when he kept running into a law implementation officer while he was trying out the kayak.

In any case, he said the officer just cautioned him and Thomas that the water was unpleasant and gave them tips on the pontoon and afterward left.

From that point on he laid down with his weapon next to him, the FBI specialist said.

A legal counselor for Cummins more than once inquired as to whether there was any confirmation that the young lady was held without wanting to whenever on the trek from Columbia, Tennessee, to California. The operator said there was no confirmation.

Other recently recorded court reports uncover that Cummins debilitated Thomas with repercussions at school on the off chance that she turned out poorly him, according to The Tennessean.

The 12-page appeal to was recorded by the Anthony Thomas, the young lady’s dad, and called Cummins a ‘breathtakingly controlling predator’.

The documenting states: ‘The kid had told different kin and additionally companions that she was frightened of Cummins and felt up the creek without a paddle.’

It includes that Cummins would much of the time visit the fast food eatery where Thomas worked.

‘To put it plainly, solicitor declares that Cummins was stalking the tyke,’ the recording includes.

Cummins, who instructed at Culleoka Unit School, was let go after an understudy announced seeing what seemed, by all accounts, to be a kiss amongst him and Thomas in January.


I am so sad! I am headed to Virginia Shoreline and possibly DC just to think and clear my brain of this cr*p. I am not fleeing. I’ll be back. Try not to call police they’ll think I ran ’cause I’m blameworthy and I’m most certainly not! I cherish you and I’ll call you soon. Kindly excuse me.



As indicated by the appeal, on the night of Walk 13, one of Thomas’ kin told police that the young lady woke the kin before that morning to reveal to her that on the off chance that she didn’t return by 6pm to call for offer assistance. Thomas vanished that night from her home in Columbia, Tennessee.

A government justice judge disclosed to Cummins he confronts an obligatory least of 10 years in jail and could get a lifelong incarceration.

Cummins is confronting a government charge of intersection state lines to engage in sexual relations with a minor. He likewise confronts state charges of disturbed abducting and sexual contact with a minor.

Then, Thomas is in recovery and declining to return home to her family – apparently asserting she’s ‘enamored’ with her teacher abductor who seized her for 39 days.

DailyMail.com beforehand uncovered that the mentally conditioned 15-year-old demands she is a ‘completely developed lady’ who ought to be qualified for date the 50-year-old.

Thomas has even told companions she had ‘a great time’ amid their five weeks on the run.

She was recuperated securely on April 20 when police followed the combine to a remote lodge 2,500 miles away in northern California and captured the veteran instructor without a battle.

Thomas was flown back to Tennessee, however she went into an exceptional treatment community for injury casualties instead of come back to her family home.

There is no timetable for her discharge, with companions saying the ‘fouled up’ youngster will get master mind ‘for whatever length of time that it takes’ for her to acknowledge she was the casualty of a savage more seasoned male.

‘Elizabeth says she’s infatuated with Touch and that the match of them haven’t done anything incorrectly,’ said a source.

‘She supposes she is a completely developed lady who can date who she enjoys.

‘To the extent she’s concerned it was every one of the one major, fun street trip. She says she had a great time which is clearly entirely intense for the family to listen.’

Cummins purportedly grabbed the teenager from a neighborhood eatery where she was in such a rush to move into his auto that she abandoned her schoolbag.

The “couple” first headed out south to Decatur, Alabama, where they supposedly tossed their telephones into the Tennessee Waterway.

Cummins handicapped the GPS on his auto and replaces his tag with one from Alabama.

They hung out for 10 days at a remote hippy collective in Cecilville, California, where they acted like a wedded couple and were seen ‘making out’ like significant others by an open air fire.

They were in the long run kicked out of the feeble group, who view apparel as “discretionary” and have no web or telephone connects to the outside world, since occupants found the age crevice ‘unpleasant’.

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