Controversial Islamic sheikh who called the Australian flag a ‘symbol of oppression’ and likened Christians to terrorists is DROPPED from a mosque event after backlash

A dubious Muslim sheik who compared Christians to fear based oppressors and portrayed the Australian banner as a ‘bleeding image’ of frontier abuse has been pulled off the talking list for a mosque open day in Queensland.

Sheik Zainadine Johnson, a redhead who is additionally a surfer, was intended to be a keynote speaker for the Garden City Mosque in Toowoomba on Sunday.

However the Old English Saxon Muslim change over, who used to play in a Brisbane shake band Processor, will never again be showing up as a speaker in the Book of scriptures belt city, following a kickback.

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Occasion coordinator Imam Abdul Kader said Sheik Johnson crossed out his own appearance.

‘He can’t make it this year,’ he disclosed to Day by day Mail Australia on Sunday.

‘We had a talk and he felt like, “No”.’

Sheik Johnson was as of late rejected as a Daylight Drift imam and has put forth a genuine of disputable expressions.

In February, he posted a YouTube cut which pointed the finger at Christians for executing indigenous individuals and asserted the Australian banner was ‘a grisly image of pilgrim history’.

‘Actually Australia, a huge number of indigenous individuals were killed by Christians Australians, by white Christian Australians whether they were regular people or whether they were government specialists,’ he said.

‘Also, they regularly utilized the most awful strategies that one would anticipate from a specific dread gathering today that is unnerving the general population around the globe.’

He contrasted the English horribly and Muslim Indonesians when it came to relations with Australia’s indigenous tribes in Australia’s far north, portraying eighteenth century European colonialists as hoodlums.

‘They attacked for the sake of Christianity and development of the ruler or ruler’s domains however more altogether, the confidence in European racial oppression,’ he said.

‘The historical backdrop of indigenous individuals here in Australia, in truth anyplace on the planet in the course of recent years, is an untold story of subjection and genocide.’

The sheik was intended to have showed up nearby Toowoomba Leader Paul Antonio.

Every day Mail Australia endeavored to contact Sheik Johnson.

Be that as it may, the Sunni sheik had disclosed to The Messenger Mail his hairy appearance as a ‘salafist’, a ultraconservative type of Islam from Saudi Arabia, may have energized the group.

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