Could a roll of tape have caught little Jaidyn’s killer? Former cop claims crucial evidence in cold case murder of 14-month-old toddler whose body was dumped in a dam 20 years ago could have convicted prime suspect

A resigned cop has guaranteed enter prove exposed to the harsh elements instance of Jaidyn Leskie was permitted to run home with the little child’s prime murder suspect, enabling him to in the end walk free.

Victoria Police sergeant Max Slope claims Greg Domaszewicz ran home with ‘huge proof’ in the boot of his auto the day after he detailed the 14-month-old as absent.

Jaidyn vanished 20 years prior one month from now from Mr Domaszewicz’s Gippsland home, east of Melbourne, before his body was found in adjacent Blue Shake Dam six months after the fact.

Police found the baby had a broken arm that had been roughly swathed with tape, the Messenger Sun reported.

Mr Domaszewicz was accused of killing Jaidyn however was cleared in 1998.

Be that as it may, Mr Slope said a murder conviction may have stuck if a move of tape found in the boot of Mr Domaszewicz’s auto had been seized and was demonstrated to coordinate the tape utilized on Jaidyn.

The move of tape disappeared after investigators returned Mr Domaszewicz’s auto in the expectation he would unwittingly lead a reconnaissance group to the missing little child.

Mr Slope said he shot the ‘confirmation’, which he was certain would have coordinated the tape utilized on Jaidyn’s arm.

‘It is induced that this move of tape most presumably would have indistinguishably coordinated the tape used to wrap the kid’s broken arm,’ he told the Envoy Sun.

‘At the point when the body cleaned up we may have had the main bit of physical proof that could completely interface Domaszewicz to the murder.’

The man who was accountable for the murder case Rowland Legg, affirmed there was a move of tape in the sitter’s boot when it was looked, yet it would have just been of centrality if a match could be built up.

Mr Slope said if the photo he took of Mr Domaszewicz’s boot could be forensically inspected with present day innovation, Victoria could witness its initially twofold peril case.

‘Without that move of tape, envision if the photo itself could now be forensically analyzed utilizing the most recent advanced systems and the tear from the last segment of that move of tape is really appeared at high determination in the photo,’ he said.

He said if the tear on the roll could be appeared to coordinate the tear from the rough swathing on Jaidyn’s arm then the case could be reignited.

Mr Slope was the main individual to talk with Mr Domaszewicz while he was accountable for Moe police headquarters.

He said he trusted the man was lying about something and was very shifty.

Mr Domaszewicz conceded in 2014 that “idiocy” prompted the tyke’s passing, after he cleared out him to get mother Bilynda Williams, his identity dating at the time.

Regardless Mr Domaszewicz keeps on keeping up his honesty.

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