‘I woke up and he wasn’t there’: Father’s horror as his son disappeared from a Melbourne hospital after being admitted with amnesia due to collision with a car

A 14-year-old kid with post-awful amnesia has been found after he left a Melbourne healing facility.

Auto accident casualty Luke O’Brien had been in the Regal Youngsters’ Doctor’s facility since June 2 yet he left the healing center soon after 7am on Friday, 3AW detailed.

The young man, experiencing head injury and amnesia, was being dealt with in the wake of being hit by an auto last Friday in Eltham North.

‘Envision my fear when I woke up and he wasn’t there,’ his dad Jerry told Mornings with Neil Mitchell.

Luke strolled past attendants and security, got in the lift and exited the healing facility entrance at 7am.

He was found by bystander Louisa, who detected the youngster amid her regular drive to work.

‘He was strolling around in Greensborough attempting to return home,’ Louisa said.

‘I could tell he was exceptionally lost and confounded.’

Jerry said he was ‘totally finished the moon’ that Luke had been found.

‘Much thanks to you so much, the energy of the general population.’

While Luke’s long haul memory hasn’t been influenced, his dad said the adolescent was constantly disorientated after the mischance, especially when he woke up.

‘If somebody somehow happened to approach him, he’s exceptionally sly’, he said.

‘On the off chance that you ask him what his name is, he will state “Well you reveal to me what my name is”.

‘A day or two ago for instance he didn’t know my identity and I’ve been with him in the doctor’s facility every minute of every day.

‘He took a gander at his name identification and said “I should be Luke O’Brien” and I said “How would you realize that?” and he said “In light of the fact that it’s on my name identification” and he said “However who are you?”‘

Luke is currently protected with police.

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