Is Airbnb causing the housing affordability crisis? How the popular house sharing site is driving up rental prices for locals

Concerns have been raised well known house sharing site Airbnb is compelling individuals out of investment properties and antagonistically affecting lodging reasonableness.

Occupants living in vacationer problem areas and college teachers examining the ascent of destinations like of Airbnb have cautioned they can significantly affect the neighborhood property showcase, the ABC revealed.

‘We’re having a lodging moderateness emergency in Australia, and Airbnb and these kind of shared economy advances can adversy affect our lodging reasonableness, particularly with the rental market,’ Teacher Chris Pettit from the College of New South Ribs told the system.

Of the 20,000 Airbnb postings in Sydney, 60 for each penny identify with whole homes, figures from the college uncover.

Inhabitants in the waterfront vacationer mecca, Byron Inlet, in far-north New South Ribs, say Airbnb has notably affected the region’s lodging stock.

‘The property advertise has pushed rents to crazy levels and after that over that, you have the presence of things like the Airbnb stages where that has removed such a large number of properties from the lasting rental market,’ Byron People group Center’s Paul Spooner said.

Mr Spooner said investment properties are presently greatly uncommon to discover in the region.

One Byron Sound occupant, Ilona Harker, says she was constrained out of her investment property before Christmas since she trusted it was to be put on Airbnb, similar to the case with different houses because of the bustling summer occasion period.

Airbnb said the greater part of the properties recorded on its site are main living places which are just made accessible for a couple of evenings a year.

In New South Grains alone, it says it represents only 1.4 for every penny of lodging stock.

Its head of open arrangement for Australia and New Zealand, Brent Thomas, said single rooms were the most widely recognized on the site, promoted by individuals with save space.

‘In case you’re a person born after WW2 and your youngsters have left home and you have an additional floor or an additional couple of rooms, it’s an awesome route for individuals to make their home loan installments or pay for a family occasion, pay off a Mastercard charge, and we’re seeing that a great deal,’ Mr Thomas said.

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