I was bullied into sexually assaulting her with a water bottle: Third Vanderbilt football player on trial for gang rape of unconscious neuroscience major, 21, claims he acted under duress and should be found not guilty

A Vanderbilt College football player accused of assaulting an oblivious female understudy says he was tormented into partaking in the terrible demonstration by his partner, his legal counselor contended amid the opening of his trial Monday.

Brandon Banks’ safeguard lawyer Katie Hagan, says he was acting under pressure amid the 2013 assault that was incompletely caught on his cellphone. The strike occurred in a Vanderbilt grounds apartment.

Hagan said that colleague Brandon Vandenburg, 23, ‘was influencing and driving’ Banks all through the episode.


Vandenburg, who was dating the lady at the time, was condemned to 17 years in jail in June 2016 for his part in the assault. Cory Batey, 23, another colleague, got a 15-year sentence in April 2016.

On Monday, Partner Head prosecutor Jan Norman opened the trial by telling members of the jury, in realistic detail, that a video indicates Banks attacking the understudy with a water bottle. Banks’ cellphone likewise contained 23 of 41 pictures of the ambush, Norman said  in Davidson Province Criminal Court.

The casualty, at that point a 21-year-old neuroscience major, has affirmed that she had no memory of the occasion.

Prosecutors say the exact opposite thing she recalls was Vandenburg giving her a blue-hued drink at a bar.

Observation video demonstrates Vandenburg helped convey the lady into his apartment, where prosecutors say he distributed condoms to his three partners and egged them on.

Vandenburg additionally took cellphone recordings of the assault and messaged them to companions in California, prosecutors said.

In opening proclamations, safeguard lawyer Hagan said trial legal hearers must decide whether Brandon E. Banks was acting under coercion amid the assault, which has prompted feelings and jail sentences for two of his three partners likewise charged in the episode.

Now and again amid the assault, the players reacted with chuckling and acclaim, Norman said.

‘They’re memorializing each other’s achievements in that room – what they were doing, what they were giving a shout out to each other to do, what they were urging each other to do,’ DA Norman said in Davidson Province Criminal Court.

Judge Monte Watkins is managing the trial.

‘You will see a few things in these photos and the recordings about Brandon Banks that will make you frantic at him, and they will make you loathe him,’ Hagan said. ‘Be that as it may, notwithstanding those things, the confirmation for this situation will demonstrate that Brandon Banks is not liable of the violations that he is accused of in this prosecution.’

Banks is accused of five numbers of bothered assault and two checks of disturbed sexual battery. The 23-year-old has argued not liable. Banks is recorded on the program for Path School’s football group.

Prosecutors said the casualty will stand firm against Banks. Since there have been numerous trials and sentencings, this would check her fifth time affirming for the situation.

Batey and Vandenburg were first sentenced in 2015, however the decisions were hurled in light of the fact that an attendant did not uncover he was a casualty of statutory assault.

Just two players were blamed for assaulting the understudy, however each of the four were accused of it since prosecutors considered them criminally capable in light of their activities that night.

The safeguards of Vandenburg and Batey said the two were smashed amid the episode.

The fourth previous player charged, Jaborian “Tip” McKenzie, has affirmed against his colleagues and is slated to stand firm for Banks’ situation.

Had it not been for Vanderbilt College police exploring vandalism in a dormitory in June 2013, the assault may never have been found, agreeing The Tennessean.

Grounds police who were auditing observation tape saw four men conveying an oblivious lady into a room at Vanderbilt’s Gillette Lobby in the early morning hours of June 23.

The Nashville police analyst who mid one morning in July 2013 discovered many thumbnail pictures and video clasps of the assault has called that proof the conclusive evidence.

Criminologist Chad Gish, who works in recouping advanced proof, has been a key observer in every trial up until now.

As per his earlier declaration, the photos demonstrate Batey and Banks physically taking an interest in the ambush while the lady is in part dressed and oblivious on Vandenburg’s apartment floor.

Gish has said it is Vandenburg’s voice on video guiding the others what to do and McKenzie is in the room taking pictures amid the 30-minute attack.

The DailyMail does not discharge the personality of casualties of rape.

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