Potty mouth! Hilarious moment toddler attempts to sing Uptown Funk but makes an innocent yet X-rated slip-up with the lyrics to Bruno Mars’ hit song

This young lady obviously has a future as an artist.

Film has caught the little child on a swing in Lakeland, Florida, as she tries to chime in to Bruno Mars’ hit single, Uptown Funk.

She unmistakably has a decent handle of the melody and bounces her head along as she sings.

One or twice be that as it may, the blameless two-year-old confounds “funk” with a comparable sounding swear word.

Be that as it may, her mom, who supports her along, doesn’t appear to take note. She can be heard saying: ‘You’re so insane!’

She includes: ‘Move! Bounce on it! Would you be able to state that?’ Yet the baby shows up somewhat diverted by playing on the swing.

As it comes time to sing the second verse of Bruno Mars’ melody the little child rather chooses to concentrate on her swinging.

It’s regardless of however, in light of the fact that the little child is obviously a star really taking shape.

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