Hundreds of residents evacuated as Melbourne warehouse goes up in flames less than a week after a man was set alight in the same building

More than 100 individuals have been cleared from a Melbourne flat shut after a fire broke out at an adjacent relinquished industrial facility.

Twenty-eight firefighters fought the burst at the industrial facility on Clarke Road, which began not long after 6.30am on Thursday. It was stifled a hour later.

Firefighters emptied the occupants of the flat piece after thick smoke began surging from the side of the building.

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No inhabitants were accepted to be inside the production line, however firefighters are yet to affirm, The Metropolitan Fire Unit said.

‘We will do a significantly more point by point look now,’ MFB Officer Kieran Lenehan told the Nine System.

‘There is a past filled with squatters living in this building so we have had a couple of occurrences at his address.’

There was a fire at a similar building last Friday when a shouting man kept running from the working with his body ablaze.

He was brought to doctor’s facility with basic consumes and two men were captured, both discovered laying on the top of the working adjacent.

Firefighters will stay on scene for a large portion of the day. An examination is in progress to build up the reason for the fire.

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