Huge setback for battle to clear Profumo ‘scapegoat’ Stephen Ward as review commission decides not to refer case to the Court of Appeal

The battle to demonstrate the innocence of Stephen Ward – the high-society fixer at the focal point of the Profumo sex embarrassment – has endured a noteworthy difficulty.

The Mail on Sunday has discovered that the Criminal Cases Audit Commission (CCRC) has settled on a preparatory choice not to allude the case to the Court of Offer.

In September 2013, this daily paper uncovered that Geoffrey Robertson QC had introduced new discoveries to the CCRC.

Mr Robertson and his group trusted the new proof would lead either to the case being suppressed or Ward being conceded a Regal exonerate.

Many trust society osteopath Ward was scapegoated for the embarrassment which had undermined to cut down Harold Macmillan’s Administration.

It was started by the disclosure that Secretary of State for War John Profumo took part in an extramarital entanglements with showgirl Christine Keeler while she was professedly laying down with a Russian maritime attache.

Ward, who had an affinity for encouraging young ladies, presented Profumo and Keeler at a pool party at Ruler Astor’s home two years prior.

He was captured in June 1963 and accused of living off Keeler and her companion Mandy Rice-Davies’ unethical income.

Towards the finish of his trial, Ward overdosed on resting pills and was in a state of insensibility on July 31 when he was discovered liable. He passed on three days after the fact.

There remains a promise of something better for campaigners.

A CCRC representative stated: ‘We are as yet exploring remarkable focuses. Once that is finished, the CCRC will achieve a ultimate conclusion.’

Mr Robertson said the previous evening: ‘We furnished the commission with new material and anticipate its choice on whether the most noticeably bad premature delivery of equity in late English history can be adjusted.

‘Else, we should hold up until 2046, the date on which the Administration has chosen the case records will be open.

‘At that point the Foundation conceal will end, after every single uncovered individual from it are dead.’

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