Navy veteran at war with his homeowners association over his refusal to take the American flag off his mailbox that’s been there for four years

A Naval force vet in Florida is at war with his mortgage holders affiliation since he declines to take the American banner decal off his letter drop.

Previous officer John Ackert of Tallahassee says he got a letter from his Southwood Private People group Affiliation saying that the banner should be expelled.

The ask for said it was an issue of ‘stylish interest and property estimations’ in the area.

‘As the Christmas season has found some conclusion, please expel the American banner post box wrap. Enhancements might be shown 30 days before the related occasion and should be brought down inside 15 days after the occasion,’ the letter read.

‘On the off chance that some individual had grumbled about it four years prior, it wouldn’t be such an issue,’ Ackert stated, telling WCTV it’s been on the letter drop all that time.

He even tenaciously supplanted it when the first blurred throughout the years.

‘I see this as a type of tormenting, to be completely forthright. What’s more, I figure individuals should confront harassing of any frame, and especially this.’

Ackert says he’s been beforehand made a request to evacuate a Naval force sticker along with ‘Support Leon Region Sheriff’s Office’ and Exceptional Olympics stickers also.

He says he is standing firm on this one, and advanced the demand to expel the American banner from his post box.

This Thursday the affiliation said it will introduce it to the Pledges Advisory group for a choice on August 8.

On the off chance that he is not conceded consent to keep it, he confronts fines on the off chance that he keeps on utilizing the post box as it may be.

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