Neighbours shocked after a man, 21, is shot down in execution-style killing on a quiet Melbourne street

A 21-year-old man is dead after ‘some of shots’ were discharged on a rural Melbourne road.

Police said a gathering of men were assembled in Roxburgh Stop in the city’s north in no time before the shooting at 12.35am on Wednesday.

A quarrel between the gathering is thought to have occurred before various shots were discharged.

A man accepted to be a relative of the casualty touched base at the wrongdoing scene at around 6am.

He was seen conversing with police before running in freeze hollering ‘my cousin, my cousin,’ as indicated by Nine News.

Other bothered relatives and companions were seen talking with criminologists for the duration of the morning.

The casualty, who hasn’t been recognized, kicked the bucket at the scene. No captures have been made.

The murder squad is researching and anyone who saw the episode has been encouraged to contact Wrongdoing Plugs.

In a different occurrence, a man was raced to healing facility after he was shot in the leg in Supply, additionally in the city’s north, at around 9.00pm on Tuesday.

More to come.

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