Emotional scenes as former high school football star, 22, is freed three years into 25-year sentence for child molestation after new evidence points to his best friend for the crime

A previous secondary school football star has been discharged on bond three years into a 25-year sentence for youngster attack, after police discovered new proof indicating his closest companion as the suspect.

Gregory Raymond Kelley, 22, was welcomed by his weepy sweetheart and mother as he strolled free on a $50,000 bond on Thursday in Austin, Texas, after a judge impacted the ‘rash and ignorant’ examination.

Kelley was indicted super-irritated rape of a tyke in 2014, in light of the declaration of a four-year-old kid who went to the home childcare of his companion’s mom.

Presently, new proof has tossed the whole case into uncertainty, and police say they are taking a gander at that companion, and also one other anonymous suspect.

The stunning adventure started in August of 2012, when police touched base on the grounds of Leander Secondary School, where Kelley was a star football player, and drove him away in binds.

Two four-year-old young men who went to the Cedar Stop home childcare keep running by Shama McCarty, the mother of Kelley’s football partner, had approached with claims of manhandle.

Police clearly associated Kelley with the charged manhandle construct exclusively in light of the recommendation of one of the kid’s folks, as per a judge’s discoveries on Tuesday.

One of the two young men abnegated his announcements at trial, and Kelley was indicted and condemned to 25 years in jail in light of the declaration of the other kid.

Yet, photographs demonstrate that, at the time, Kelley looked fundamentally the same as his companion Johnathan Ralph McCarty, whose mother ran the day mind.

Too, there was no in-court distinguishing proof of Kelley as the individual who submitted the mishandle, as indicated by court records.

A later examination by the Texas Officers discovered genuine imperfections in the nearby police examination, including pollution between the witnesses and changing the associated date with the offense to coordinate when Kelley was remaining in the McCarty home.

‘Greg Kelley was their suspect,’ Officer Cody Mitchell affirmed at a later hearing. ‘They trusted that Greg Kelley moved out of the house on that date, and they backtracked [the offense] a month, and month and a half, two months from that date that he moved out.’

‘They were focusing on time periods he was there.’

In a decision discharged on Tuesday, 26th Area Court Judge Donna Lord found that the “lacking” police examination damaged Kelley’s expected procedure.

Police seemed to have focused in on Kelley to the rejection of different suspects, yet it might not have been altogether the specialists’ blame.

Messages uncovered on Tuesday imply to demonstrate that Kelley declined to take part in any examination of his companion Johnathan McCarty, and guarded McCarty against any speculations introduced by specialists.

Police say they now consider McCarty and one other anonymous man as suspects for the situation.

McCarty at present in prison on inconsequential medication charges.

Following a hearing prior this month, Williamson Province Lead prosecutor Shawn Dick discharged an announcement calling the case a ‘cataclysmic disappointment’ of the criminal equity framework.

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